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Paintball mit Freunden

Indoor Paintball centrum ’t Gooi is a super location for a party with your friends. Located in the middle of The Netherlands it is ideal for combining paintball with other activities in Hilversum, Amsterdam or Utrecht, but also with other (watersport)activities in Loosdrecht.

You came to the right address for a paintball party with your friends. We organise a fantastic day out to remember! Don't worry about the wheather; our indoor paintball track guarantees perfect conditions.

A arrangement paintball for friends lasts 3 hours. If you also want to stay to eat, add another hour to the program so that means 4 hours in total.

During the 3 hour paintball event the group is entertained by nice music with clips or karaoke and sing-a-long.

Don't forget to look at the extra activities, here we sum up all possibilities that we can arrange for you.

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